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About Jay

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James L (Jay) Beattey, IV is President and CEO of Velomon, LLC – an Indianapolis based firm committed to pulling back the curtain on the Wall Street lies, myths, and deceptions that keep most people from achieving their maximum level of financial success. educates people on financial matters in a series of short, entertaining, pithy, and easily digestible bites.  Beattey has a way of simplifying the complex, and giving real-life relevance to otherwise difficult financial concepts.

But he does much more than just “rail” on what he calls the “Wall Street Mainstreamers” – he shows another pathway to financial success – one that Wall Street hates – as do most of the TV and radio pundits who blather on about personal finances.  The popularity of his alternative brings hope and peace of mind because it dispenses with the things that drag down investor’s ability to truly get ahead – things like market risk and taxes.

His first book, Rigged, Unlearning Mainstream Financial Propaganda and Building Your Personal Fortune reveals his strategy and has brought acclaim from those  who perhaps can’t quite put their finger on it – but know that the Wall Street way enriches the purveyors of conventional wisdom – and exposes those who consume that “wisdom” to a pathway riddled with landmines.  Its little wonder Rigged reached number one on Amazon’s Business and Investing Bestseller list in mid-2013; and continues to be widely distributed today.

Beattey is a teacher – who makes himself available through a regularly scheduled “Meet the Author” webinar series that reveals truths, invites challenge, and answers questions.  A former corporate executive, he last served as President and CEO of Allied Van Lines – Canada before starting Fortune Financial Group in 2004.

Born in Indianapolis, he has lived in Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Toronto before returning “back home” to Indiana in 1998.  He is a graduate of Indiana University, and the Henley Management College (Henley-on-Thames, UK).  Besides being an author; he is a speaker, radio personality, a regular contributor to various trade publications and blogs; and trains/coaches financial advisors and insurance agents nationwide.

Mr. Beattey enjoys playing golf, fishing, and spending time with his wife and two adult daughters.  He is heavily involved in various local non-profits, including serving as an elder at his local church, and his college fraternity chapter at Indiana University.