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401 - Not OK?

The 401K is perhaps the most popular savings tool today. It comes with impressive sounding benefits such as ‘tax deferred savings’, and ‘no fee management’. Unfortunately, there are many factors you may not have realized when you signed up. Whether you currently have a 401K or are considering one, Jay Beattey’s book is a ‘must read’.

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Death by Credit Card

It would be nearly impossible to function in today’s world without using a credit card from time to time.  And so long as we pay the balance off each month – that convenience comes our way free of charge – and who doesn’t like free? But carrying balances on our credit...

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You’re in Control!

Look – debt is nasty stuff.  After the ‘shine’ wears off of the stuff you bought – the payments linger and begin to smell – bad – really bad.  Debt is a financial drag.  It shifts priorities away from the things that are most important (like our families) – to things...

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Houston – We have a Problem

Recently, my daughter and her husband undertook a complete – and expensive – renovation of their kitchen.  It was a long project – and with a toddler running around, the inconvenience of living without a kitchen was – well - a bit trying.  What made it worse was that...

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Five Financial Adjustments to Consider in a Covid World

Who would have thought – way back in March when this whole thing took over our lives – that this tiny virus would still be impacting our lives so significantly at Thanksgiving? Well – here we are.  So we’ve put together some year-end thoughts about how you might clean...

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About Jay

Jay Beattey James L (Jay) Beattey, IV is President and CEO of Velomon, LLC – an Indianapolis based firm committed to pulling back the curtain on the Wall Street lies, myths, and deceptions that keep most people from achieving their maximum level of financial success. Continue Reading

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