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401 - Not OK?

The 401K is perhaps the most popular savings tool today. It comes with impressive sounding benefits such as ‘tax deferred savings’, and ‘no fee management’. Unfortunately, there are many factors you may not have realized when you signed up. Whether you currently have a 401K or are considering one, Jay Beattey’s book is a ‘must read’.

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Have They No Shame!

Let’s face it – in today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to live even a modest life without taking on debt from time to time.  Unfortunately, modest debt has given way to overwhelming debt for many – and the impact, given the fragility of our economy in this Covid...

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An Open Letter to College-Bound Kids

What your parents want you to know – but are too romantic to tell you! Warning: you’re not gonna like what I’m about to share with you – but you need to hear it.  You may be thinking, ‘my parents – romantic?’  In this case – yes – they are.  You see, this message...

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Have You Opened your Gift from the CARES Act Yet?

Congress passed the CARES act shortly after the Coronavirus outbreak.  One feature of the Act allows those ‘impacted by the virus’ to withdraw up to $100,000 from a qualified plan (401k, IRA, and others), without the usually 10% penalty (for those under 59-1/2)....

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About Jay

Jay Beattey James L (Jay) Beattey, IV is President and CEO of Velomon, LLC – an Indianapolis based firm committed to pulling back the curtain on the Wall Street lies, myths, and deceptions that keep most people from achieving their maximum level of financial success. Continue Reading

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