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People are so concerned about taxes, that Forbes writer William Baldwin has penned a few articles on the subject.  One of his latest is titled, “Eighteen Ways to Get Tax-Free Income.”

Let me save you the trouble – here are his 18 ideas in bullet point fashion – more than they deserve:

  1. Remodel the House
  2. Moonlight
  3. Get Reimbursed
  4. Earn Airline Miles
  5. Hustle Rebates
  6. Be Nice to Uncle Joe
  7. Pay off Credit Cards
  8. Rent your House Out
  9. House Sit
  10. Be a good Neighbor
  11. Have a Charity Tag Sale
  12. Own a House
  13. Take up Plumbing
  14. Set up an HAS
  15. Hire the Kids
  16. Get paid in Lodging
  17. Get a “cash-back” card
  18. Take the Bus

Hey – what about selling your blood plasma or your empty aluminum pop cans?

Besides being just plain stupid – most of these cost money and are things most people would never do to earn a few tax-free nickels.

What’s worse – missing from the list is the number one thing that everybody can do to build an unlimited lifetime stream of tax-free income – invest in cash-value life insurance.

I know what you’re thinking – but it’s not expensive – it’s not boring – it doesn’t have dismal returns – and despite what Dave Ramsey says – it may well be the best wealth-building vehicle on the planet right now for everyday folks like us.

Every other saving or investing strategy imposes both taxes – and risk on the investor.  Cash value life insurance eliminates both.  And unlike any other investment, life insurance provides a death benefit, and most policies provide a bucket of money for long-term care needs.

Got you curious?  Get hooked up with a good insurance agent and rediscover life insurance as you’ve never known it.