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Let me ask you three questions I consider to be of monumental importance to wealth-builders:

  1. Do you pay a professional advisor to help you invest your money?
  2. Have you ever lost money in an investment?
  3. Did you give your advisor permission to lose your money?

We never give our advisors permission to lose our money – and no advisor ever asks us how much of our money they have permission to lose.  Yet – it’s almost certain to happen nonetheless.

Think about that for a minute.  We’re telling ourselves we have to risk losing money in order to make money.  But before you utter those words out loud, remember how ludicrous it sounded when Bush said we have to “abandon free market principals to save the free market?”  Or – to be politically balanced – when Pelosi said we have to “pass the bill to see what’s in the bill?”

We shrug it off losses as “part of the game.”  We may not like ‘em – but we rarely do anything about ‘em.

All our advisors can do is manage risks with concepts like diversification, dollar-cost-averaging, and a few impotent others that create fees for them, while failing to immunize us absolutely, from losses.

There is another way.  I’m not very smart but I can show you how to earn between 3% and 14% each year.  You can lock in your gains each year, and keep 100% of your earnings because they’re tax-free.  That leaves you with two questions, “How?” – and “Why hasn’t my professional advisor told me about it?”

Good questions.  Leave us a comment or question to find out how.