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Rigged – The Book

Why does it seem that even if we heed all the advise floating around about how to build wealth, we never seem to get ahead? Its because most of us tackle wealth-building the way Wall Street wants us to – not the way that makes the most sense for us.

BookCoverGuys like Warren Buffet invest sensibly – why don’t we – or why can’t we? We can. And it starts by plugging the holes that suck money from us. Only then should we turn our attention to how to grow our money.

Rigged suggests there are only three ways to fail at wealth-building. Then shows us how to avoid all three. The outcome is wealth that is not at risk of loss due to market gyrations; wealth that is not subject to taxation – ever; and wealth that doesn’t come at the high cost of hidden fees and commissions.

But beware. The strategies and positions offered up in Rigged – while logical and verifiable – require that we toss out what the world has been filling our heads with for the last generation. Want a pathway to financial success that’s not plagued with Wall Street potholes?