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Most of us have a generous streak.  We realize there’s more to life than “stuff.”  But giving – by definition – means giving up income, assets, or net worth.

That makes giving a tough decision.  We don’t know what life has in store for us, and if those unknowns require our financial resources, we hold on to them – even when we might prefer to give some of them away to benefit others.

Here’s a very unique and powerful strategy that can let you scratch your charitable itch – without the usual financial consequences of a giving transaction.

Margaret moves $100,000 from bank CD’s that are paying her very little, into a special kind of life insurance policy.  Most of her money goes into a “Money Contract” account that will grow – and that she can access at any time.  A small portion of that growth is used to fund the policy’s death benefit going forward – so she never writes a premium check.

Here’s the magic part.  The insurance company will let Margaret take an advance on the life insurance benefit – and give it to charity.  Margaret also gets a tax deduction when she gives it to charity.  The death benefit is decreased by the amount of the advance – but it’s still several multiples of her $100,000 premium deposit – which is safely growing inside the money contract side of the policy.

She’s just accomplished something huge – she’s given away insurance company money, not her own.  I’m not aware of anything like this anywhere – and it’s very exciting for savers and charities alike.  Reply to learn more.