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Stock markets are at all-time highs – even as the economy remains stuck in neutral.  That has even the Wall Streeters nervous – and they’re preaching “diversification” to their clients.

But diversification will do little to protect an investor from an overall market “correction” (broker speak for: CRASH).  Rather, diversification creates trading transactions – which trigger fees and commissions that line the broker’s pockets.  Their advice is really in their interest – and delivers only an illusion of safety.

Meanwhile – the rich and famous have already put strategies in place to protect their money from a big market crash.  They didn’t get rich by taking unnecessary risks.  Can you and I play the game their way – and truly protect our money from a market nose-dive while still riding the market upward as long as it’s going that direction?

Yes – and the solution is simpler than you might think.  It’s called “equity indexing.”  An equity-indexed account grows with the market up to a certain limit.  In exchange for giving up gains that exceed the earnings limit – our money is completely protected from downside risk.

A typical equity indexed account today might put a 14% limit on our upside, and a 3% minimum earnings floor on the downside – meaning we’ll earn 3% even if the market tumbles 40% as it did in 2008.

That beats the socks off of any Wall Street diversification strategy.  But because you “set-it-and-forget-it,” it won’t trigger fees and commissions – so you won’t hear about it from your Wall Street advisor.  Go ahead and ask.  Then – let me show you how it works.