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How did you select your financial advisor?  Was he/she a friend – a relative – a referral? Did you find them from the phonebook or their advertising?

When people select me – or any of my hundreds of affiliates across the country – they do so for a specific set of reasons.  We protect client’s money from the Three Wealth Killers – and deliver in their place, the Five Money Needs.


Our clients know what they don’t want – and what they do want – and we deliver.

Wall Streeters nibble around the edges.  They talk about managing market risk, minimizing taxes, and how their advice justifies their fee structure.  They never talk about eliminating riskimmunizing your money from taxes – or neutralizing the impact of fees and commissions altogether.

When it comes to the Five Money Needs – they’ll tell you that all five cannot be achieved at the same time.  They’ll say perhaps 2 – 3 can – but as a tradeoff.  The more you demand of one – the less you’ll get of another.  Want more Growth – prepare to give up some Safety, for example.

Go ahead – look at your portfolio.  Does EVERYTHING in there eliminate the Three Wealth Killers?  Does ANYTHING?  How about the Five Money Needs?  Are you getting them all from every position you hold?

Don’t settle for compromise.  It’s your money.  You’ve worked hard for it and it deserves your best.  Demand the best from those who advise you.  You can have it all – but unless you demand it all – you’ll stay on the Wall Street cattle car to mediocrity.