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Jay Beattey’s IUL Chalk Talk

Jay Beattey 005A FREE Live Streaming TV Series for Insurance Professionals

Jay Beattey book Rigged, Unlearning Mainstream Financial Propaganda and Building Your Personal Fortune has won as much acclaim from the insurance industry as it has wrath from Wall Street.  Why?  Because it exposes the dark underbelly of mainstream investing strategies, instruments, and conventional wisdom for what it is – a ripoff.Rigged-Cover.png

Then it lays the groundwork for true wealth-building using indexed universal life insurance – debunking the stereotype of life insurance, and laying out the case in simple, but vivid detail, leading the reader to the only possible conclusion – “this is the way to build true wealth.”

Jay Beattey’s IUL Chalk Talk is a 5-episode Live Streamed TV series of quick hitting, action-packed information for Insurance Professionals that train, motivate, and equip them professionals to spread the work among their clients and prospects, and earn the personal and financial rewards of doing so.

According to Beattey, “No matter what line(s) of insurance you specialize in, every single client – every single prospect faces the monumental challenge of building personal wealth.  Only insurance professionals can show them how to succeed by using the most powerful wealth-building product on the market – Indexed Universal Life.”

You can sign up to receive special invitations to these live events by completing the brief form below.  Each episode will present about 30 minutes of “red meat” insurance professionals must have in order to attack the market with knowledge and confidence.  There will also be a 30-minute Q&A session where you can pick the brain of the guy who – quite literally – wrote the book.


You’ll learn:

  • Why wealth-building for most Americans has become a Rigged game
  • Why Wall Street focuses on the wrong stuff – and deceives clients when they do so
  • Wall Street’s Lies, Myths, and Deceptions
  • How to build wealth with confidence and certainty using IUL

Episode 2 – Why and How you have to re-position yourself in your market as a Wealth Advisor

You’ll learn:

  • Why we have to “purge” the word “insurance” from our vocabulary
  • What’s the “language” of IUL
  • The importance of Conceptual Buy-In over Product
  • How Insurance Professionals can life a page from Superman and re-introduce themselves to their market (as Wealth Builder)

Episode 3 – The 8 Most Common Objections to Cash-Value Insurance and How to Defeat them Every Time.

Want to be able to respond with confidence to objections like:

  • The cost of permanent insurance is too high
  • Dave Ramsey (and others) say to only buy term insurance
  • Permanent insurance is a lousy investment
  • I’m told the only reason you sell permanent insurance is because of the high commissions – that can’t be good for me
  • Why in the world would I ever borrow my own money?
  • You never get your cash back from permanent insurance – just a death benefit
  • There’s no cash in the early years
  • I don’t want to be saddled with premium payments the rest of my life

Episode 4 – Telling the IUL Story in a Way that will have Prospects Reaching for a Pen – Not Running for the Door

You’ll learn:

  • Why Wall Street’s Three Wealth Killers are so devastating to a portfolio
  • What are the Five Money Needs – and how are they UNIQUELY delivered by IUL
  • What are “money contracts” – how do they work – why do I want one

Episode 5 – What Makes this Product Tick – and How Do I Design it properly?

You’ll learn:

  • How to properly design IUL for maximum wealth accumulation
  • Option A vs. Option B – and why they matter
  • The Mad world of indexes and Illustrated Rates
  • How do “dump” the illustration in order to “close” the deal